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Voicemail to Text Transcription

Voicemail to Text Transcription Makes Voicemail Useful Again


Your voicemail is transcribed and sent to your email inbox with an attached .wav file.


With voicemail transcription, you can quickly tell which calls are urgent, which ones are just calls from solicitors or telemarketers, and everything in between.


Once your voicemails have been transcribed into text, they are searchable in your email application.


Access the transcribed voicemail message on your desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone.


Press8 voicemail transcriptions are fully automated, using voice recognition technology, so no live agents are involved.


Click the number on your message on your cell phone or VoIP phone to return the phone call.

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Frequently asked questions

Option 1: FREE for Press8 Telecom Customers
Press8 offers FREE voicemail transcription to all its customers. This free text service is just one of the many free features at Press8. There is a limit to 2 minutes per transcription. For more information and to sign up, visit our Plans & Pricing Page.

Option 2: Non-Press8 Customers
For companies who need a voicemail transcription service but who are not a Press8 Telecom customer or for Press8 customers who need more than 2 minutes of transcription per voicemail, we offer voicemail transcription for just $14.99/mo/user for the first user, and $9.99/mo/user for any additional users. Each user gets up to 2 minutes of transcription per voicemail and 400 transcriptions per month. (For up to 4,000 transcriptions per month the price is $24.95/mo).

Just Sign Up Here or call us (800-349-8647) to setup your Voicemail to Text Account. We can even set up a test account for you if you request a free trail account.

Your voicemail will be transcribed and sent to your email inbox with the .wav file attached so you can read your voicemail as well as read it. 

Many of our customers used to rely on Google Voice to transcribe their voice messages. They have reported that Google Voice has a lot of bugs and that the text that comes back is usually unreliable. Google’s transcription service has been known to give back some less-than-literal translations. Voicemail’s may or may not come through perfectly when transcribed to text. “I hope to see you soon” may come through as “I love your friend June.” Ouch. This is service voicemail that does not do what it is supposed to. Google Voice is not meant to be a business phone system, but a personal one for individuals.

In the old days, most businesses had a brick and mortar office with a secretary. But these days businesses are more mobile. With the advent of the Internet, small businesses can work from anywhere there is an Internet connection. But what about phone calls and more importantly missed phone calls? You typically get a voicemail that you have to go to, click on, listen to, and even take notes on either a piece of paper or your smartphone. This can be a tedious and frankly frustrating process!

Voicemail transcription is becoming the ‘norm’ for small businesses that want to keep up with the ever growing amount of information that small business owners need to keep track of. If you are not having your voicemail’s transcribed, you are wasting a lot of precious time doing it ‘the old way’.

There are many reasons why you might want to have this service. Firstly, if you are in a very loud area, you might have a more difficult time hearing your voicemail’s. Secondly, if you are in a meeting, it would be rude to listen to a voicemail. Reading a voicemail is just easier when you are in a meeting.

Press8 voicemail transcriptions are fully automated, using voice recognition technology, so no live agents are involved in transcribing voicemail messages. Since it is automated, you can be assured there is no one listening to your voicemail messages.