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How to Protect Your Business from a Lightning Strike

Lightning strikes the Earth around 45 times a second, but few people know just how to protect their business from a direct strike, or a surge of electricity. We want to change that. Protecting your business from a disaster should always be in the back of a business owner’s mind,

cold calling is a waste of time

Cold Calling is a Waste of Time

Nobody likes to make a cold call. Working with a hot lead – that’s fun. Working with a warm lead? That’s not too bad, either. But cold calling? Some people would prefer a trip to the dentist. The question is: is cold calling a waste of time, or does it

Prepare for a natural disaster with VoIP

Your Company Needs a Disaster Preparedness Plan

Disasters can strike at any time. The world is increasingly becoming an unsafe and unpredictable place, with many businesses facing unprecedented uncertainty. The government has laid down emergency preparedness programs for its citizens as well as businesses that are seeking to resume operations shortly after a disaster. In this post,

How to Secure Your VoIP Connection

How to Secure Your VoIP Connection

More businesses are turning to VoIP telephony due to fair prices by providers as well as a need to have a means of communication that is integrative, intuitive and cost-effective. That being said, VoIP uses the internet to transmit voice data, making it a security target for malicious hackers and

BYOD Policy

A Simple Guide on How to Implement BYOD Policies within VoIP

Many companies allow their employees to bring their devices (BYOD) to work if it’s going to boost their productivity in the long run. This concept, also known as BYOD or Bring Your Own Device, is slowly gaining traction across the country as the personal electronics space expands with each passing

Skype vs. Personalized VoIP

Skype vs. Personalized VoIP- What’s Best for You?

VoIP is a relatively piece of new technology for most of us due the prevalence of the handheld mobile phone and copper-based landlines that we’ve been using for the last 20 and 100 years respectively. A lot of us have used Skype to talk to friends and loved ones as

Why Your Business Isn’t Too Small for VoIP

Why Your Business Isn’t Too Small for VoIP

Businesses all over the country are switching to VoIP, a form of communication that uses the internet to send packets of encrypted voice data from one point to another. Small businesses run the gamut in America, and a lot are cash-strapped and have odds stuck against them (90 percent of

Learn How to Use EBITDA to Sell Your Business

How to Use EBITDA to Sell Your Business

At some point in the lifespan of your business, you are probably, going to want to sell it off. Therefore you should try to design and maintain your business in a way to maximize that eventual sale. And buyers are going to be interested in a business that’s both profitable

business communication tips

Quick and Easy Marketing Communication Tips for Businesses

Communication is at the heart of marketing. Many successful companies know this and use it to its full advantage, and others, especially those that are just starting out often stumble to get it right. Any customer approaching your business to get to try out your services or buy your goods

Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team

3 Genius Ways to Motivate and Incentive Your Sales Team

Salespeople form the core of any sales company. It thus means that you as the leader or company CEO should do everything in your power to make sure that they are properly motivated so your employees can reach their targets over and over again. A lot of sales CEOs make