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Travel for Business Post COVID

Now that the end of the pandemic is visible, people are ready to get back to normal. Part of that normal is the ability to fly anywhere in the world. Whether personal or business, the pandemic curtailed the travel industry in a short time. Because vaccinations, hygiene protocols, and other

Top 10 ways COVID-19 is Changing the Office

COVID-19 has created a tremendous change in the way offices and businesses operate. Earlier this year, the pandemic forced the lock-down of nations around the world. Businesses have closed their doors, resulting in a new trend of home-based employees that continue to keep businesses running. As states and cities slowly

Planning for Recovery: Manage Your Future for Business Owners

The coronavirus that has swept throughout the world has left companies of all sizes and types scrambling to stay afloat during stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines. While adjusting to this new way of living life, business owners must look to the future and come up with innovative solutions to