Quick Tips to Update Your Phone System on Inclement Weather Days

In case of snow or other potentially hazardous weather or emergency situation, you may decide to close down for the day or allow your employees to work from home. Here are some tips on how to quickly make phone system changes and how to further prepare for these types of situations. 

Forwarding Numbers

If you or one of your employees is stuck at home, you can easily update their phone number to instead ring their cell phone. Here are instructions on how to Temporarily Re-Route a Number

Changing Your Voicemail Greeting

If you or your employee wants to tell callers that they are not in the office they can easily change their voicemail greeting. Voicemail greetings can be easily changed by following these steps: How to Change Your Voicemail Greeting.  

Making a New Temporary Auto Attendant Greeting

If you want to have a temporary inclement weather greeting tell callers that you will be closed you can easily make a recording by following these steps: How to Make a Voice Recording. Then you can put in a support ticket (email: support@press8.com) specifying that you want your new recording to be your greeting for now. Be sure and let us know when you want it changed back. 

Using Call Reports to Verify Calls are Being Answered

All Press8 customers with Admin access can review call reports. Call Reports are a great way to see where your calls are going, if they are being answered and by whom. You can download call report data and import it into an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis. Admins simply login to the Press8 Control Panel, and click on Reports. 

Bringing VoIP a Phone Home

If your employee has a reliable broadband network at home (not WIFI) then they can usually just plug their VoIP phone into their router. But, this should be tested BEFORE inclement weather prohibits you from coming into work since not all networks can accommodate VoIP without some router configuration changes. 

Using a Smartphone or Softphone in Place of an Office Phone

You can use a Smartphone App on your iPhone or Android or a Softphone that runs on your computer. But, once again, you should install these and test them before hand to make sure they work. At Press8, we do not charge you anything extra  for additional devices per user. 

Conference Bridge Connects Employees & Customers

Without a Press8 Telecom Conference Bridge, you are going to be limited to 3 conference call attendees at one time. If you want the ability to have a conference call with unlimited callers, you should get a Press8 Conference Bridge. For just $14.99/mo. you get a dedicated phone number, and software that professionally introduces your attendees, asks for pin numbers, plays hold music etc. This is a great way to be prepared for any situation and to be able to setup a professional sounding conference call with employees or customers ‘on the fly’ anytime – anywhere.  

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