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VoIP Hosted PBX

Small Business Phone System Pricing & Features

All plans are monthly per user. No contracts. No hidden fees.

Tier 1
  • 2-4 Users
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Unlimited Fax
  • Custom Setup
Tier 2
  • 5-9 Users
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Unlimited Fax
  • Custom Setup
Tier 3
  • 10-24 Users
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Unlimited Fax
  • Custom Setup
Tier 4
  • 25-49 Users
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Unlimited Fax
  • Custom Setup
Tier 5
  • 50-100 Users
  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Unlimited Fax
  • Custom Setup

Phone System Features to Grow Your Business

Over 50 Free Phone System Features & Powerful Add-On’s

Free Long Distance

Unlimited free long distance (US48 & Canada) for all users on the account.

Local or Toll-Free Number

Each account includes a free local or toll-free number.

Auto Expanding Lines

Your customer will never get a busy signal since our system allocates more lines for you during peak periods.

Web Based User Portal

Users can access their voicemail, send faxes, and read faxes using our web-based portal.

Hunt Groups

Numbers can be programmed to ring different devices or numbers in sequence or simultaneously such as a users office phone, then their cell phone, then their home phone.

Custom Message on Hold

Use our Audio Production Store to create your own custom on-hold music with a custom message.

Unlimited IVR's (Auto Attendants)

Setup as many IVR’s as you like to route your calls based on caller input. An example of an IVR would be: “Thank you for calling xyz company. For sales press 1, for billing press 2, for an operator press zero.”

Do Not Disturb (DND)

Set your VoIP phone to DND when you are not available and all calls will be sent to voicemail.

View Active Calls

View Call Reports for active calls sorting by date and time and refreshes every 5 to 300 seconds.

Fall Forwarding

Forward a call to any other user on your phone system or to an external number outside your system.

Custom Schedules

Setup schedules for the day, nite, or days of the week and customize how calls will be handled during that time.

Call Waiting

Be notified when someone else is trying to call you even if you are on a call

Multi-Site Compatible

Link multiple locations seamlessly on one phone system.

Re-Route Calls When Internet is Down

Never miss a call even if your internet connection goes down. During an outage, your calls are routed to another designated number like a cell phone, or sent directly to voicemail. Your main auto attendant (IVR) will continue to answer your calls and route them to the new location automatically.

Emergency Assistance (e911)

Emergency 911 Assistance is included free with all Press8 Telecom phones.

Multiple Devices on One Extension

Multiple devices on one extension mean that we can set up your VoIP phone, your smartphone app, and a softphone (on your computer) all under one extension so that you have multiple options for making & receiving calls.

Caller-ID Blocking

Add Caller-ID’s to your block list anytime in our web-based control panel.

Reseller Broadcast Emails

Resellers can send broadcast emails to their customer’s through their control panel.

Dial by Name Directory

Dial by name allows your callers to find a user on your system without knowing their extension just by choosing the first few letters of their name.

Extension Dialing

Callers on the same phone system, no matter where they are located, can use extension dialing to access another user on the system.

Unlimited Outgoing Web Fax

Send unlimited faxes online easily using drag & drop in our web portal.

High Volume Call Alerts

Customer can choose to receive email and text message alerts during abnormally high inbound or outbound call volume.

Call Park/Pickup

Park a call and call another user to let them know that there is a call waiting for them. Parked calls can be programmed to be picked up using different feature codes.

Call Hold

Put a call on hold and answer another line.

Music on Hold

Choose from our music or use your own non-copyrighted music.

Call History Reports

Generate reports for calls matching criteria such as: leg status, leg direction, maximum duration, minimum duration etc. and group or sort by multiple criteria. Export call report data to Excel.

Call Routing Based on Area Code or Caller-ID

Routing of calls by caller id, by exact number, area code, country, etc. For example, all calls from a region can be routed to the branch in that region.

Web Based Admin Portal

Administrators can make changes to their companies phone system, review call reports, and view faxes anytime using our web-based portal.

Caller-ID Number & Name

Calls coming in show caller-id and name (if available).

Missed Call Indicator

On VoIP phones, your light will show that you missed a call.

3 Way Conferencing

Easily conference in up to 2 extra callers using a VoIP phone without the need for a Conference Bridge (which is an add-on).

Call Transfers

Transfer a call to another user on your system including users with our smartphone app or computer-based softphone.

Call Analytics

Export Call Report Data to Excel

Multiple Calls Per Line

Put calls on hold or park to answer another call.


Page your entire team even at different locations.

Intercom Feature

Make company announcements to all employee’s phones no matter where they are located.

Press8 In-House Recording Studio

For just $30 a recording (bulk discounts), we can record your IVR or voicemail greeting for you with an average 24-hour turnaround and up to 3 changes.

Call Screening

Callers are asked to record their names and you decide to take the call or not. Or, send a caller to voicemail based on caller-id.

View Invoices Online

Customers and resellers can view invoices, transactions, and CDRs (history of calls made) on the web, and download transactions and CDRs to a spreadsheet.

Bulk Dialer

Customers can manage their own campaigns and sets of numbers to call. Answered calls can be routed to any feature within the same customer. Campaigns can start and stop automatically based on time and/or date. The bulk dialer can optionally use Answering Machine Detection (AMD).

Web Based Voicemail & Faxes

Listen to your voicemails or view faxes anytime through the web-based control panel.

Voicemail to Email

Voicemails are sent to your email inbox as a .wav file attachment. In addition, as a Press8 customer, your users get free Voicemail to Text Transcription.

Voicemail to Text Transcription

With our Voicemail to Text Transcription Service your voicemails can be  transcribed and sent to your email inbox with an attached .wav file. Read your voicemail at any time instead of having to listen to it.

Conference Bridge w/Number - $14.99/mo

Press8 offers an audio conference service that allows you to hold conference calls for unlimited participants anytime and includes: a local number, user pin, & admin pin. Easily set up a conference call anytime.

Intelligent Call Queue - $14.99/mo

Includes Music/message on hold, Queue Call Eavesdropping, Call Recording, Escape from Queue, Caller Wait Time, Caller Hold Time Report, Agent Login/Log Out, Custom Queue Hold, & the option to drop out and be called back when they approach the head of the queue. Reports can be generated per queue and per agent, and queue data can be exported for import into QueueMetrics.

Virtual Extension w/ Voicemail - $9.99/mo

To send calls directly to a cell phone. If there is no answer, the call is directed back to the phone system where the caller can leave a voicemail message. The voicemail can then be emailed to an email address & will stay on the system, for the user to listen to via the web portal, as well.

Auxiliary Extension (No Voicemail) - $4.99/mo

For a lobby or kitchen phone. Block outgoing International calls as well.

Additional Toll-Free Numbers - $4.99/mo + .29/min

Establish a nation-wide presence and allow customers or potential customers to call you without having to pay for the call. Choose from 800, 844, 855, 866, 877 or 888 toll-free numbers.

Phone Number Porting - $15/ea (Bulk Discounts)

Keep your current number(s) and will port your number(s) for you.

Smartphone APP

With our Press8 Smartphone APP, you can use your iPhone or Android as another VoIP phone on your companies phone system. Make calls using company caller id and receive calls anytime. Calls made using the APP can be recorded and reported and go to the user’s business voicemail box.  Use up to three separate accounts and business phone numbers and switch between lines on the fly. Dial 3 and 4 digit extensions within your company visible status indicators show who is available for a call transfer.

Fax Number with Unlimited Incoming Faxes - $14.99/mo

Incoming faxes can be sent to unlimited email addresses & read online in the user portal.

Low International Calling

Low International Calling Rates (Outside US & Canada).

Fax Number with Unlimited Incoming Faxes - $14.99/mo

Incoming faxes can be sent to unlimited email addresses & read online in the user portal.

Additional Local Numbers - $4.99/mo

Add phone numbers from any area code in the US48 or Canada to your phone system. Great for creating a local presence.

Call Recording - $4.99/mo (30 Day Retention) or $9.99/mo (90 Day Retention)

Record your calls for improved customer support or to recall important information from a previous call. Call recordings are stored in your web portal in .wav format and can be listened to or downloaded for 30 days. Store for 90 Days for $9.99/mo.

VoIP Phone Configuration - $20/ea (Bulk discounts)

Your VoIP phones are configured and shipped right to your door. Just plug the phone into any high-speed internet connection.

Computer Based Softphone

Download the software that enables you to use your computer as a VoIP phone. (Use with a microphone headset).

Frequently asked questions

The Press8 pricing plans include all of our core phone system features. There are also some add-on’s that can be added to your plan at any time.

If you have a phone in a waiting room or a break room, you would get an Auxillary Extension at just $4.99/mo.

Normally you will need 1 Line/User for each of your employees. The only exception would be for an employee whose calls are only forwarded to their cell phone. In that case, that employee could get a Virtual Extension for just $9.99/mo.

With each user you get 3 things:

  • An additional phone line for incoming/outgoing calls
  • A voice mail box
  • Login credientials to the web portal

You can have as many attendees as you want in a Conference Bridge. But, you will be charged an extra per minute charge of 4.9¢/min. when your attendees go over the number of users you have on your plan.

With a Call Queue, a call can be routed to the agent who has taken the least amount of calls, the caller can hear the number of callers in the queue while on hold as well as music or a message. Hunt Groups simply ring a group of numbers simultaneously or in sequence with hold music while on hold without offering any other intelligent routing capabilities. In other words, Call Queue’s are more intelligent than Hunt Groups. Hunt Groups are free with Press8 while Call Queues incur an extra monthly fee.


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