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How to Get Listed in the White Pages and Directory Assistance

It’s a known fact that you will encounter quite a few problems if your business is not listed in the White Pages or registered with directory assistance.

First of all, your prospects will not be able to find you, and decide to do business with your competition.

Second, creditors check with Directory Assistance and the White Pages to make sure businesses are legitimate when they apply for credit.

Finally, if you don’t have a listing, people may think you’re running a scam instead of a legitimate business.

VoIP Lines, cell phone listings, work-at-home businesses, and DBA business names often don’t make it into the white pages, but you shouldn’t let that deter you. Just follow the four easy steps below to get listed in the White Pages and in Directory Assistance.

1) Go to List Yourself

First, go to the List Yourself website. Many small businesses have used this site to get listed. Although you may have to list yourself multiple times, it’s a free service, so give it a shot.

2) Contact SuperPages

Next, head on over to SuperPages and register your business for a free listing. The free listing link is on the left navigation bar on the homepage.

3) Contact Verizon

Third, contact Verizon Wireless and request a Foreign Listing. You don’t actually need a Verizon number to get listed in their wireless 411 directory, but there will be an initial fee of $9.00 USD, followed by a $1.12 USD charge each month.

4) Get listed in 411 Directory Assistsance

Finally, contact your local 411 and ask for your own listing. When you are told that there is no listing, inform them that you are in fact the owner of the business, and ask them how to get listed locally. There will probably be a small charge. Or, go to this free form and input your information to get listed.