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Millennials in the Workplace – Myths Debunked

As of 2015, Millennials are officially the largest generation, and the effects of this demographic shift have many concerned about what this means for the workplace. There is a lot of controversy, disagreement, and even prejudice surrounding the Millennial generation. We want to put that

Hosted Call Center Service

What to Look for in a Hosted Call Center Service

As more and more businesses downsize in an effort to reduce their overhead costs for things like personnel and rent, the idea of having a call center solution in the cloud becomes attractive. A virtual call center can cut the unnecessary fat that may be

voip future

What the Future Holds for VoIP

VoIP has grown by leaps and bounds over the years since its inception at the turn of the new century. What was once thought of as fringe technology has caught on like wildfire as companies all over the country got on the bandwagon of affordable

How to Use Facebook to Boost Your Business

Social media sites are a wonderful way to gain customers and expand your business. You can do this by joining Facebook. First you want to register and log-in to Facebook and create a password. You want to fill in personal information (but not too much

How to Use Twitter to Boost Your Business

Twitter is the twelfth highest visited traffic site there is on the Internet today. You want to gain followers to boost your business. You will need to have a website. Next you want to open up a Twitter account. It is as simple as 1,2,3

Guidelines for Employee Blogging

These days many people enjoy blogging. One may blog about their hard day at work. One may blog to explain information about work. If you own a business you should have rules on your employees blogging. After all, you do not want your business ‘secrets’

Setting Up a Blog for Your Business

A great market tool is a blog. You can easily set up a blog within minutes. My suggestion is that you use as it is affiliated with Google. Due to the fact that is affiliated with Google you will naturally rank higher in

Market Carefully When Using Social Media

Internet marketing is a great way to get your business noticed online. Most businessmen and business women use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as part of their Internet marketing plan. As great as Internet marketing is to boost your business, you need to use it safely.

How to Engage Social Consumers

Although the tools available to brand managers have evolved in recent times due to technology, the concepts of Brand Loyalty and Reputation still carry weight, and these two pillars are still based on consumer experience. And the best way to learn about customer experience is