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Phone manners

woman working from home

How to Monitor Employees who Telecommute

In this age of fluctuating gas prices, nightly traffic jams and long commutes, more workers and employers are turning to the benefits of telecommuting to conduct their daily business. Telecommuters say they enjoy the freedom, creative and otherwise, of working from home or a remote office

Small Businesses Phone Etiquette

Should the phone etiquette used for a small business be any different than for a big business?  I would say “yes”, in one very important way, it should be warmer.  A small business has one important advantage over a larger business and that is there

When You Should Text and When You Should Call

With the advanced technology today, many people are getting caught up in texting. There are many times it is appropriate to text. There are times, however, when it is not appropriate. For instance, never text someone to say their loved one has been in a severe