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small business entrepreneur

5 Things an Entrepreneur Hears a Lot

Starting a business is hard work. It requires persistence, an investment of time and money, patience, and certainly extreme effort. Many entrepreneurs face resistance from family and friends at first. They may even face challenges from people they thought were friends, but who turned out


Millennials in the Workplace – Myths Debunked

As of 2015, Millennials are officially the largest generation, and the effects of this demographic shift have many concerned about what this means for the workplace. There is a lot of controversy, disagreement, and even prejudice surrounding the Millennial generation. We want to put that

How To Write a Press Release

Whether you are starting up a new business, you have a new product to offer, or a big sale you want to advertise with a press release. A press release will inform potential customers of what you want to advertise.   To begin writing a press

Drop a Call Drop a Customer

It may be time for you to switch to a new phone system. If you are dropping phone calls–it is time to update. Every time you drop a phone call at your business, you could lose a customer. Not only one customer but potential leads

How to Write a Letter of Resignation

If you are planning leaving your current job you will want to write a professional yet honest letter of resignation. Whether you are leaving due to a better job offer, starting a family or you just did not care for the job, you need to