Internet Marketing: What Works Best – SEO or PPC?

What’s the best way to drive more traffic to your website, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) or PPC(Pay-Per-Click)? Small business owners looking for the best…

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Remote Offices Globally – One Phone Number

With a VoIP hosted PBX, you can contact your global offices with a local extension number! Never again will there be the…

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T1 Connection with VoIP

If you are considering switching to the VoIP hosted phone system, you will be amazed at the difference.  The voice quality stands…

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Google Fiber Comes to Austin

It looks like Christmas will be coming early this year in the form of Google Fiber for Austinites. Austin, home of the…

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Who is Winning the Fiber Race

With the world going digital in almost every sphere of human life, it’s worth noting that the internet plays a grand role…

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