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Internet Connections

Learn how your internet connections can affect not only your speed at browsing data but how it can affect your VoIP phone connection speed and jitter.

Prepare for a natural disaster with VoIP

Your Company Needs a Disaster Preparedness Plan

Disasters can strike at any time. The world is increasingly becoming an unsafe and unpredictable place, with many businesses facing unprecedented uncertainty. The government has laid down emergency preparedness programs for its citizens as well as businesses that are seeking to resume operations shortly after

How to Secure Your VoIP Connection

How to Secure Your VoIP Connection

More businesses are turning to VoIP telephony due to fair prices by providers as well as a need to have a means of communication that is integrative, intuitive and cost-effective. That being said, VoIP uses the internet to transmit voice data, making it a security

voip for businesses

How VoIP Can Help Businesses Becoming Mobile

Businesses are becoming mobile and virtual given the availability of technology to support this trend as well as the need to save on overhead costs. VoIP allows businesses to collaborate on a level that was unfathomable only about a decade ago. In this post, we’ll

flood natural disaster business phone system

Stay Connected During a Natural Disaster

Could your business be vulnerable to a natural disaster? Last winter as a cold outbreak continued across central and eastern U.S.. the National Weather Service predicted the already deadly storm would worsen. And that was just the beginning of winter! If your business relies on your

Internet Marketing: What Works Best – SEO or PPC?

What’s the best way to drive more traffic to your website, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) or PPC(Pay-Per-Click)? Small business owners looking for the best way to drive more prospects to their websites and blogs often find themselves caught between choosing PPC advertising or investing in search engine

Remote Offices Globally – One Phone Number

With a VoIP hosted PBX, you can contact your global offices with a local extension number! Never again will there be the hassle of calling long distance numbers to be connected to your global offices around the country and even the world. Users are connected

T1 Connection with VoIP

If you are considering switching to the VoIP hosted phone system, you will be amazed at the difference.  The voice quality stands out first as you can actually “hear” the difference.  But, what brings this all together is your T1 connection with VoIP. Press8 Telecom

Google Fiber Comes to Austin

It looks like Christmas will be coming early this year in the form of Google Fiber for Austinites. Austin, home of the South by Southwest festival, will become the largest city to receive Google’s superfast, 1-gigabit Internet-and-TV service — a network that will be more