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Hosted PBX Systems

VoIP Fun Facts

VoIP Fun Facts

VoIP is a type of telephony that is largely misunderstood by business due to the lack of information in the mainstream space into this type of technology. That being said, your business can save lot of money in the coming years if you make the

voip future

What the Future Holds for VoIP

VoIP has grown by leaps and bounds over the years since its inception at the turn of the new century. What was once thought of as fringe technology has caught on like wildfire as companies all over the country got on the bandwagon of affordable

small business owner hosted pbx

VoIP Features That Help Small Businesses Succeed

More and more small businesses are increasingly turning to VoIP due to its affordability as well as higher voice quality. You may be one of those companies that think VoIP is just a fad which will blow away in a couple of years. Or, perhaps,

VoIP SIP Trunking

SIP Implementation Steps for Stellar VoIP Sound

VoIP has the potential to change the way you do business for good by providing you with an affordable, dynamic and reliable way of handling communication. That being said, VoIP implementation is something many companies don’t want to pay close attention to, thinking that it’s

call center

VoIP Etiquette Tips

In 2015, more companies are choosing to use VoIP services to field calls and carry out entire business meetings. That being said, not everyone is in the know when it comes to VoIP etiquette. In this post, we’ll take a look at a number of

Considering VoIP, but afraid of losing something?

When you make the switch from traditional analog phone service, to VoIP, you are going to be shocked when you see exactly what you’ve been missing.  With a VoIP hosted pbx, you can access the system anywhere that internet is available. You will never again have

Questions and Answers Regarding Switching to VoIP

If you are running a small business obviously you need phone service.  Depending on whether you run a service-type business, a retail business or otherwise, you may have different needs as to the types of features you need in your small business phone service.

How Many Phones Do You Need?

One of the things to consider when purchasing VoIP phones to switch your office over to a VoIP hosted PBX system is how many phones you need.  Generally, you will want one phone for the front desk or receptionist and one for each office.  Some

VoIP Is the New Trend

Many companies trying to update their business equipment find themselves running into a costly situation.  Often times equipment and services offered to businesses can be extremely high, forcing many to just stick with what they already have. When it comes to your phone service, though,