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Going Green

small business owner hosted pbx

VoIP Features That Help Small Businesses Succeed

More and more small businesses are increasingly turning to VoIP due to its affordability as well as higher voice quality. You may be one of those companies that think VoIP is just a fad which will blow away in a couple of years. Or, perhaps,

Telecommuting Saves the Planet and Saves Money

There are many positive benefits to letting your employees work at least some of their time at home.  At Press8, our employees have the option of working one day a week at home.  For some small businesses it would be entirely possible for most of

Calculate Your Cost to Commute

Racing off to the roadways with a half-eaten bagel, putting on your makeup while you try to drive, calling work to let them know you will be a few minutes late because there is a wreck and the highway is a parking lot. ugh!! So,

Go Green with VoIP

VoIP is a leading technology that allows you to make your voice calls using a computer with just about any broadband Internet connection instead of a traditional phone line. Using your Internet connection for both voice and data, not only means you are cutting down

How 10 Major Companies Go Green

Many big-name companies have gravitated towards more sustainable and eco-friendly business practices in recent years. Although some people may find it surprising that big business is taking an interest in the environment, these ten major companies are doing their share: 

5 Reasons Your Company Should Go Green

One of the most pervasive trends in business is the move to “Go Green.” To Go Green, a business must adopt more sustainable and eco-friendly business practices.The move to Go Green is popular is with businesses of all sizes because it’s both progressive and smart