5 Ways an 800 Number Can Improve Your Business

So, you don’t have a toll-free number? Or you’re thinking that your social media presence has supplanted the telephone when it comes…

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Go Green with VoIP

VoIP is a leading technology that allows you to make your voice calls using a computer with just about any broadband Internet…

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How 10 Major Companies Go Green

Many big-name companies have gravitated towards more sustainable and eco-friendly business practices in recent years. Although some people may find it surprising…

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5 Reasons Your Company Should Go Green

One of the most pervasive trends in business is the move to “Go Green.” To Go Green, a business must adopt more…

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Why Recording Customer Service Calls is Good for Business

A recent news item focuses up-close on an incident of exceptionally bad customer service and raises the question of how and if…

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What is a Sustainability Policy and Why Your Company Needs One

With the green movement in full swing, many companies have put together a Sustainability Policy to show how they are doing their…

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How to Effectively Survey Your Customers

If you are a business owner, you understand how difficult it can be to attract new clients. It takes time, energy, and…

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Great Customer Support – More Than Just a Pretty Face

A well-done website is a valuable asset to any business. It can help build up a new one or increase the growth…

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´╗┐Do You Know the Seven Stages of the Sales Cycle?

Every sale follows the same cycle, regardless of what you are selling. To master sales, you need to properly perform all the…

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