5 Things Employees Value More Than Money

According to Gallup statistics, only 30 percent of American workers feel satisfied, content and engaged at their workplaces. This comes as no…

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3 Ingenius Ways to Motivate and Incentivize Your Sales Team

Your sales team is vital to your companis growth.  This means that you as the leader or CEO should do everything in…

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How to Save on Shipping

When you have your own small business it can be highly stressful keeping track of all of the money you are spending….

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How to Avoid Useless Spending When Starting Up Your Business

Are you thinking about starting up a business? If so, make sure you pass on these items as they will consume all…

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Small Businesses Phone Etiquette

Should the phone etiquette used for a small business be any different than for a big business?  I would say “yes”, in…

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When You Should Text and When You Should Call

With the advanced technology today, many people are getting caught up in texting. There are many times it is appropriate to text. There…

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How To Write a Press Release

Whether you are starting up a new business, you have a new product to offer, or a big sale you want to…

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Drop a Call Drop a Customer

It may be time for you to switch to a new phone system. If you are dropping phone calls–it is time to…

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How to Write a Letter of Resignation

If you are planning leaving your current job you will want to write a professional yet honest letter of resignation. Whether you…

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