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Austin VoIP Phone System

Austin VoIP Phone System Provider Press8 Telecom

Based in Austin, Texas

Keeping Austin Businesses Communicating Since 2006

austin voip phone system

Austin Businesses are Switching to a Press8 VoIP Phone System

Austin VoIP Press8 Telecom VoIP phone system is an enhanced service that offers all the benefits and convenience of a sophisticated, on-premise telephone system and voice mail system at a fraction of the cost. Since it is hosted in the cloud, there is no software or hardware maintenance. And with over 50 Free Features, you are getting the best phone system for the lowest price.

Whatever the size or scope of your business, an Austin VoIP phone system by Press8 will save your money on operating expenses and provide cost-efficient solutions to your business communication challenges. Systems featuring VoIP phone Austin based Press8 offer flexibility and give a more straightforward approach to today’s digital and mobile business needs.

Austin & Press8 Telecom – Go Local

We are proud to be based in Austin and have been here since 2006.

Benefits, Features of Austin VoIP Business Phone Systems

Allows Employees to Work from Home

In the current age of stay-at-home orders and social distancing, employers are looking for ways to make it as easy as possible for employees to be productive and successful at their jobs from home. Businesses that use Austin VoIP phone services can transfer calls automatically as if they were in the same office.

Transfer, Route Business Calls to Cell Phones

So much of today’s business is conducted on the go and now from home offices. VoIP phone systems allow for easy transferring of calls to cell phones as if there were just another extension in the office.

Coordination of Multiple Locations, Offices

Whether your business operation is split up among two floors in the same office complex or you have offices in countries around the world, VoIP phone systems will connect all locations in one cohesive phone management operation. Manage it all with one phone number or multiple numbers that serve various purposes that can be tracked and reported.

Short-Term and Long-Term Flexibility

A VoIP hosted PBX phone system offers total flexibility as your business adjusts to changing times. Whether you need to expand or downsize down the road, there are no phone lines to pull and move. You can make minor or wholesale changes in the management of your phone system without missing a beat or causing undue interruptions in the operation of your business.

On Hold Music, Announcements, or Advertisements

No one likes to sit on hold, however, there are times you have no choice but to put a customer or vendor on hold while transferring the call or looking something up. With a VoIP hosted PBX phone system, you can take advantage of those times when people are on hold to inform them about your company, any new announcements, or product rollouts. If you would prefer to have people on hold and listen to music, you get to choose the music and what they hear.

Manage Standard Features

A comprehensive system featuring VoIP hosted PBX systems is so much more than just a way for you and your business to be able to make telephone calls. Features once considered premium and cost additional charges are now standard in VoIP business phone systems. Standard features like call waiting, call forwarding, voicemail transcripts, and caller ID can be managed, upgraded, and adjusted as needed.

Why Choose Austin VoIP Press8 Telecom?

Press8 Telecom has been providing comprehensive systems for VoIP phone Austin companies’ trust for their business communication needs since 2006. Talented industry professionals have adjusted to the ever-changing technologies and protocols to offer the most innovative and reliable telephone systems catered to your specific business communication needs.

Get Started at Press8 Telecom

Contact the business communication specialists at Press8 Telecom today for complete information on the most effective Austin VoIP business telephone systems. Have all of your questions answered and get started today.

Austin is a Leader in Technology

The thriving, vibrant capital of the great state of Texas is Austin. As such, Austin is often referred to as the “hub”or center of Texas. Austin is a young city – over 71% of the population is under 45 – and is known to be a burgeoning hub of technology and home to the University of Texas.

Austin is the 'Geekiest City'

Austin, Texas is described by Forbes magazine as an “economic superstar, with job-creation records among the best in the nation.” Austin also holds the distinct honor of being named by Forbes as “one of the most geekiest cities in the nation”. In fact, Austin placed 12th for percentage of workers with jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Press8 Telecom is Austin Proud

Since 2006 Press8 Telecom has been serving small businesses in Austin, TX with the best VoIP business phone systems and service than any other provider. But don’t just take our word for it, read some of our testimonials and you will see. We not only setup your phone system for you but we offer 24 hour support. We treat our customers like family.

Local On Site Support

When you are looking for a VoIP hosted PBX provider, look in your own backyard. With Press8 Telecom, we will not only setup your phone system but we will come to your location and setup your phones and even train your staff*. You won’t get that kind of service from a company located on the other side of the United States. Having your phone company in your own backyard, available to help you anytime, is just smart. ( *extra fee)

Some of the features you get with Press8 Telecom Include:

An Auto Attendant

Dial by Name Directory

Call Hunt Groups

Conference Bridge

Call Queues

Do Not Disturb

Call Reports

Calling Recording

Onsite Installation & Training

Chrome Click to Call

Android & iOS Smartphone APP

Voicemail to Text Transcription

austin voip phone system

Austin Proud

When you are looking for a VoIP hosted PBX provider, look in your own backyard. We are available for onsite installation & training.
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