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cloud based file storage

File Sharing Options Made Simple

With so many devices how can we access all of our documents, files, images, from one device to the other without having to email them to the other device, or carry around a USB thumb drive? With most places offering internet access including most smartphones,

highly successful managers

7 Strategies of Highly Successful Managers

The business climate is changing dramatically and only those who understand how to manage wisely in the new era we are entering will lead their organizations to profitability and success in their industries. A recent series of interviews with some of the world’s most successful

how to deal with low price competitors

How to Deal with Low Price Competitors

Although it may seem like good business sense to lower your prices as a result of competition, this will often hurt your business. In addition to hurting your margin in the short term, the price slashing will actually make it difficult to raise your prices

increase your sales

10 Tips to Boost Your Sales Now

Every business falls into a sales slump. But that doesn’t mean that you have to wait it out. Here are ten proven methods for boosting your sales and shaking off that slump. 1) Focus on Your Customers Start by getting in touch with your customers and

cold calling is a waste of time

Cold Calling is a Waste of Time

Nobody likes to make a cold call. Working with a hot lead – that’s fun. Working with a warm lead? That’s not too bad, either. But cold calling? Some people would prefer a trip to the dentist. The question is: is cold calling a waste

great tips on getting more referrals

Great Tips on Getting More Referrals

It’s no secret that referred customers make better customers. They cost less to acquire because they are already pre-sold on your services. They are less price resistant because someone they trust referred them. They tend to be more understanding and easy to please. And since

How to Effectively Manage Your Meetings

Ready for 40% more sales, 40% more output and 40% more free time? There is a quick fix for dramatically boosting your company’s productivity and revenues in an extremely short amount of time. One that will also free up your time to focus on growing

great employees for small business

7 Essential Qualities of Great Small Business Employees

Making the wrong hire today can deliver a crushing blow to your organization. Hiring the wrong employees can not only mean a lot of wasted time and resources but can drag down your business by losing critical time advantages, missing valuable opportunities, dragging out your cash