How to Effectively Survey Your Customers


hosted pbxIf you are a business owner, you understand how difficult it can be to attract new clients. It takes time, energy, and money to come out on top of the competition and win the fickle heart of a consumer.

Instead of focusing all of your resources on the procurement of new clients, why not work to ensure that you keep the clients you already have? To gain insight on how you are positioned in your current clients’ minds (and what you can do to keep their business), construct a short survey to gather information.

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Turn Customers Into Raving Fans In 4 Simple Steps

hosted pbxHappy customers doesn’t just deliver repeat customers it means creating raving fans who will promote your business for you. With the rise of social media this has never been more important. Each transaction is an opportunity to tap into hundreds of new customers and rocket your ROI or to alienate them.

4 Steps to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

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Time Honored Techniques for Retaining Customers

hosted pbxSome experts feel that it can cost your business as much as seven times to get a new customer as it takes to keep a current customer. With those numbers in mind, a business simply can’t focus all its efforts on new sales. Here are some techniques you can use to help retain your current customers.

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Big Businesses Versus Small Businesses and Customer Care


small boy in suitIf you have a blog or website and a customer has an inquiry do you immediately respond to it? Many companies are failing to do this. More often big businesses may ignore a customer’s inquiry or take a long time to answer whereas small businesses usually reply within minutes.

You may have your website to make life easier for your customers. Your website may have an area where customers can request an appointment along with some of your products. For example, if a customer was to request an appointment at a garage for an oil change, new tires, possible new transmission and a check up. You, as a company, ignore this request. The customer needs his/her work done on the vehicle quickly. Since you have not replied to the customer he/she finds another garage to do the work for him/her. This is a major problem as you have lost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

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Clients Needs and the Four Day Work Week

voip phone systemIf you are thinking of changing your business schedule to a four day work week, go over the pros and cons for your clients. If there are more cons than a four day work week may not be suitable for your type of business. There is another way you may implement the four day work week into your business. Have half of the employees (or however many are needed) work two weeks five days per week and the other half of the employees work the second half of the month five days per week.

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